How We Demonstrate Performance

In order to test and demonstrate the performance of the quantitative data that we provide to our clients, Haugen Equity Signals constructs and back-tests 50-stock portfolios, and then rebalances these portfolios each quarter.


Here’s how these 50-stock portfolios are constructed:

  • We begin with a population of the top 2,000 U.S. stocks by market cap. After calculating expected returns on these, we rank the stocks from lowest to highest expected return.
  • Next we filter out stocks that are priced at under $5 per share or have a market cap under $300M. In the tests shown here, we imposed no constraints for sector weighting.
  • From the remaining population, we select the best 50 stocks for each strategy (the highest expected return stocks for the long-only strategies; and the highest and lowest expected returns for a market neutral strategy).

At the end of the month we rebalance each portfolio. Based on newly-generated expected returns, we replace up to 50 stocks in each portfolio (i.e. 100%).

All back-tests use date-stamped data to eliminate the possibility of look-ahead bias. We include a benchmark in each chart for comparison purposes.

To see portfolio returns for each strategy, choose from the menu to the left.

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