A Prolific & Well-Regarded Writer Bob Haugen wrote more than 50 articles, which were published in journals including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Quarterly Journal of Economics, and Journal of Business. He also published 15 books in seven languages. The five featured here are available from Amazon.com.

New Finance
The New Finance, 4th edition
Overreaction, Complexity and Uniqueness
Using a range of research studies from respected academics, this book shows how an accurate understanding of what’s happening in the market can be a golden opportunity for investors. It has been required reading for MBA programs nationwide.
The Inefficient Stock Market
The Inefficient Stock Market, 2nd edition
What Pays Off and Why
Haugen reveals the misinterpretation that has led to the erroneous conclusion that the stock market is efficient, and explains how an expected return factor model can validate and capitalize on the market’s inherent inefficiency.
The Incredible January Effect (with Josef Lakonishok)
The Incredible January Effect (with Josef Lakonishok)
The stock market’s unsolved mystery
This now-classic work reveals how and why you can acquire an amazing return on your investments in the month of January.
Beast on Wall Street
Beast on Wall Street
Using historical research and a dramatized story, Haugen shows how stock volatility devours wealth and what can be done about it.
Modern Investment Theory Modern Investment Theory
A comprehensive college text on investment theory and portfolio management.