If you’re considering becoming a client of Haugen Equity Signals, here are a few ways to evaluate our performance:

Against real world outcomes Investars.com has audited our monthly results for more than 10 years against about 20 other research organizations. Over the long term, Haugen has consistently ranked in the top three. We are often ranked #1.

Through hypothetical portfolios The chart below examines hypothetical portfolios constructed from our real-time signals. Keep in mind that we don’t predict whether the market is going up or down. Instead, we predict the relative returns of roughly the largest 4,100 US stocks by market cap.

Each month the model ranks these from lowest to highest expected return. Then we divide the 4,100 stocks into deciles, which amounts to 10 portfolios of 410 stocks each. At the end of each month we compare our predictions to the realized returns.

Consistently, decile 10 outperforms decile 1 and over a ten year period, as you can see from the chart below, each decile outperforms the one below it. This is powerful evidence that the model is doing exactly what it is designed to do.

The Our Performance:   Decile vs S&P 500 Returns chart showing Series 1 series.

We can also tell you that once you’re a client, you’re likely to remain one. We still have clients who have been with us since the inception of the company more than a decade ago. That’s because the model has proven its ability to enhance almost any fund manager’s performance, regardless of investment strategy.

Please see the Performance section of this site for more statistics and evaluation tools. If you wish, you can download a delayed 10 year plus history of our rankings . Please feel free to contact us!