For one monthly fee you will have access to the data from all four markets that we track: our US Model, European Model, Japanese Model and Emerging Markets model.

3 Pricing Options

Haugen Equity Signals offers a choice of three different pricing structures, all of which include weekly data for all 13,400 of the stocks that we track. Choose the pricing option that works best for you...a predictable flat fee, a fee based on the difference that our data makes in your portfolio’s performance, or a hybrid of the two:

  • Flat fee – For your assets under management OR
  • Flat fee + performance-based – For your assets under management (lower than the first option) plus your portfolio’s performance OR
  • Performance-based – A portion of the Alpha produced for your portfolio by our model.

In addition, customized/proprietary versions of the Haugen Model can be built. You can also have an additional exclusive weekly or monthly run of the data on the trading day of your choice, giving you data that no one else gets. Please inquire about details and pricing for these options.