A Proven Model for Predicting Expected Returns

Based on the work of Dr. Bob Haugen, the Haugen Model has an extremely strong track record of success. Today at Haugen Equity Signals, Bob Haugen’s work is being continued at the same high level by Brian Boyer, PhD, who works as a professor of finance at Brigham Young University, who routinely develops new ideas for improving the model. These ideas are back-tested and vetted for data mining and other biases before being incorporated into the model that we use.

Tracking four different groups of stocks
The Haugen model assesses how each stock in a given universe of stocks is affected by over 60 different factors at a given point in time. These factors include measurements of:

  • Risk
  • Liquidity 
  • Stock price relative to several measures of corporate income and cash flow
  • Profitability
  • Stock return history
  • Analysts' estimates
  • Macroeconomic influences
  • Sector influences

Haugen Equity Signals’ clients receive weekly expected return data for four different groups of stocks:

  • US Model (ranks expected returns for more than 4,100 US stocks)
  • European Model (ranks expected returns for more than 3,100 European stocks)
  • Japanese Model (ranks expected returns for more than 3,000 Japanese stocks)
  • Emerging Markets Model (ranks expected returns for more than 3,300 stocks in 24 emerging countries)

In addition, customized/proprietary versions of the Haugen Model can be built; please inquire about details and pricing.